Santa Margarita and San Luis Rey Watersheds WMA

Region covered : Covering parts of San Diego and Riverside counties

Chair: Judy Mitchell, District Manager at Mission Resource Conservation District

General contact: Judy Mitchell at
(760) 728-1332,

Mapping: Jason Giessow at (760) 943-6924

Meetings: Held annually in Fallbrook.

Webpage: For more information please visit

Formed: 2001

Project Highlights:

   Arundo Donax Control Project

  • Pampasgrass Control Project is an environmental enhancement project. Removal of this invasive plant from the lower Arroyo Burro watershed will enhance the wetland habitats—the estuary, the Jeff Elings Road wetland, and the Veronica Springs wetland. The Elings wetland will also be revegetated with native plants of local genetic source. The coordination of control efforts among Elings Park, CalTrans, the City of Santa Barbara, and private landowners can effectively eradicate pampasgrass from this region. This will enhance plant communities, wildlife habitat, and aesthetic values for the area. This project was funded by the California Department of Food and Agriculture and by the County of Santa Barbara’s Coastal Resource Enhancement Fund (CREF) – a partial mitigation of impacts from the following offshore oil and gas projects: Point Arguello, Point Pedernales, Santa Ynez Unit, and Gaviota Interim Marine Terminal.
  •    Lepidium latifolium Control in San Diego and Riverside Counties

       Cardaria draba Control in San Diego and Riverside Counties