Cal-IPC leads advocacy efforts at the state capitol.

Cal-IPC leads advocacy efforts at the state capitol.

Public policy offers significant opportunities for improving invasive plant management. Cal-IPC is active in developing and supporting policy initiatives at both the state and national level.

Support WMA Funding!

Help secure $3 million for WMAs in the 2019/2020 state budget via the California Biodiversity Initiative. Find directions on how to sign our support letter, and how to contact your representatives to show your support.

AB 2470 – Funds now available!

Thank you to the many organizations (more than 80!) that sent in letters to support this bill. With your help, we now have the interagency Invasive Species Council of California, and $2 million in funding to fight invasive plants. CDFW has released a request for proposals to fund local invasive plant control.

State Policies and Programs

On-the-ground invasive plant management may be the most obvious way of protecting wildlands, but other efforts such as preventing new introductions and coordinating rapid response networks can be implemented at the state government level. Cal-IPC works with diverse partners to educate decision makers about the issue, support effective existing programs, and helping to plan for new or improved programs. .

Federal Policies and Programs

Cal-IPC coordinates with partner groups across the country to develop strategy for improved national policy. Because invasive species are an international issue, some types of programs must be implemented at the federal level to be most effective. Networking on a national level also helps state and local groups share insight and experience.

Cal-IPC Policies

Cal-IPC weighs in on broad policy issues when appropriate to our mission, and on specific land management situations when our input is requested. Our policy on Integrated Weed Management (below) is the basis for our perspective on local management decisions.