2018 Cal-IPC SymposiumBioDiversity: Expanding Our Vision


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2018 Presentations

Abiotic controls CA central coast Smith, Doug
Alligatorweed in the Delta an early detection rapid response story O'Brien, Jon
Aquatic invasive plant control pilot project using ultraviolet light Cartwright, Nicole; Paoluccio, John
Assessment of Phytophthora at restoration sites in the Midpeninsula Regional Open Space District Peterson, Ebba; Parke, Jennifer; Eberhart, Joyce; Redekar, Neelam
Biological control of Arundo donax Bitume, Ellyn; Moran, Patrick
Can we condition plants to increase stress tolerance and improve restoration success? Valliere, Justin; Zhang, Jacqueline; Sharifi, Rasoul; Rundel, Phil
Communication considerations in invasive plant management Kesel, Rachel
Communication structures in collaborative weed management Williams, Andrea
Competitive seeding in fire breaks to suppress postfire invasion in coastal sage scrub Teller, Noah
Development and persistence of soil impacts following Scotch broom invasion Grove, Sara; Parker, Ingrid; Haubensak, Karen
Discovery and management of invasive nutria in California’s San Joaquin Valley Cook Fletcher, Valerie
Dispatching the Monterey Bay Area’s mosaic of invasive plants Wallis, Hannah
Ecological impacts and management of the Argentine ant in California Merrill, Korie
Economic impact of selected invasive species: direct costs estimates and economic impacts for Washington State Haubrich, Greg
Effects of manual and mechanical removal of Ammophila arenaria on coastal plant communities and dune morphology Silva-Crossman, Monique
Evolution of an invasive plant control program – adoption of early detection and rapid response Mitrovich, Milan
First field release of the Cape-ivy shoot tip-galling fly along the California coast Portman, Scott; Moran, Patrick
Give native plants a chance: restoring a coastal oak woodland on Santa Cruz Island by removing invasive eucalyptus (Eucalyptus spp.) Blennau, Jade; Power, Paula; Cowan, Clark; Rudolph, Rocky; Hartman, Derrek; Wagner, Joel; Martin, Mike; Kirn, Laura; Rodriguez, Dirk
Hand-removal method impacts on labor effort, Sahara mustard and native species: to bag or not to bag? Sweet, Lynn; Prado, Jennifer; Barrows, Cameron
How are functional traits related to the invasibility of a restored plant community? Funk, Jennifer
How do invasive grass water-use strategies affect belowground ecosystem services and native shrub re-establishment? Phillips, Michala; Allen, Edith
How to inspire people to pull weeds Bennett, Josie
Integrating equity, diversity and inclusion into conservation Villalba, Fernando; Rowland, Amanda; English, Kelli; Trinidad, Marcos
Invasive watersnakes in California: population status and eradication efforts for Nerodia spp. Bireley, Richard
IPM building blocks to control invasive shot hole borers – Fusarium dieback Lynch, Shannon; Stouthamer, Richard; Eskalen, Akif; Gilbert, Gregory
Lessons learned: goats, goatgrass, fire, and fuel reduction Minnick, Sarah
Managing invasive sea lavender at Bothin Marsh Manzanillo, Tatiana
Mapping and estimating invasive plant chemical traits in the Sacramento-San Joaquin River Delta using hyperspectral UAS imagery Bolch, Erik; Hestir, Erin
Mapping waterhyacinth dispersal with GPS trackers Miskella, John; Madsen, John
Mapping weeds and rare plants to inform management and conservation in the Zaca and Jesusita fires Calloway, Stephanie; Schneider, Heather; Knapp, Denise
Multi-benefit weed control: San Joaquin River invasive species management and jobs creation project Faridi, Jason
Native plant recovery in seeded and non-seeded plots following exotic fennel (Foeniculum vulgare) control on east Santa Cruz Island – ten years post treatment Cowan, Clark
New tools for Thoroughwort management Gunnison, Elliot
Partnerships lifeline: early detection and eradication of Japanese knotweed across boundaries Simpson, Bobbi
Phytophthora impacts to pallid manzanita Hammond, Michele
Phytophthora threats to native vegetation: fighting back! Frankel, Susan
Prioritizing invasive species eradication in the Bay Area National Parks Wrubel, Eric
Propagule pressure and functional traits: utilizing invasion mechanisms to promote restoration Lauman, Sierra; Questad, Erin
Recent research on invasive weeds at the European Biological Control Laboratory (EBCL) Smith, Lincoln; Bon, Marie-Claude; Desurmont, Gaylord; Kashefi, Javid; Sforza, René; Tannières, Mélanie; Cristofaro, Massimo; Marini, Francesca; Goolsby, John; Rector, Brian; Vidovic, Biljana; Winkler, Daniel; Moran, Patrick
Regional conservation investment strategies program & resources Brusati, Elizabeth; Unger, Ron
Restoring critical coastal dune habitat at Point Reyes for threatened and endangered species Ender, Cody; Parsons, Lorraine
Revegetating medusahead (Taeniatherum caput medusae)-invaded rangeland Nafus, Aleta; Davies, Kirk
Sea to summit gradients Nedeff, Nicole
Seeing past the trees Hyland, Tim
Temperature-dependent influence of fungi on seed mortality suggests difference in seed bank persistence of Sahara mustard between California and Arizona Li, Max
The complexity of restoring complexity Ryan, Amelia; Johnson, Brent
The effectiveness of island planting, mulching, and mowing in California coastal prairie restoration Lesage, Josephine; Holl, Karen
The impact of heavy exploitation of invasive alien plant species on their management and control in Nigeria Borokini, Israel
The U.S. Marine Corps versus the Sahara mustard Malusa, Jim
Trait evolution along a climate gradient in California wild radish Welles, Shanna; Funk, Jennifer
Understory change in prescribe burned and passively managed forests over 20 years Yegorova, Svetlana
Warm temperatures increase biomass of seedling: implication for management of Ludwigia hexapetala and Ludwigia peploides subsp. montevidensis Gillard, Morgane; Grewell, Brenda; Futrell, Caryn; Deleu, Carole; Thiébaut, Gabrielle
Washington state’s noxious weed program Haubrich, Greg
Weed Management Areas: before, then, now & future Schoenig, Steve
Weed Red Alerts Kelch, Dean
WMA case study: Nevada-Placer and Lake Tahoe Basin regional invasive plant control in the Sierras King, Ed

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