2010 Cal-IPC SymposiumWeeds and Wildlife: Impacts and Interactions

Ventura Beach Crowne Plaza, Ventura, CA

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2010 Presentations

Adaptive integrated vegetation management of invasive Spartina densiflora in the San Francisco Estuary Kerr, Drew
Avoiding inadvertent introductions of the invasive Argentine ants during native plant restoration projects Shors, Jessica Wade
Can carbon addition be used to reverse the effects of atmospheric nitrogen deposition? Thomas, Don
Can we build a coordinated network of early detection networks to protect California from new invasions? Gluesenkamp, Daniel; Williams, Andrea
Control of barbed goatgrass in serpentine grasslands Aigner, Paul A.; Woerly, Rhett J.
Controlling the Invasive Offspring of Historic Olive Trees on Santa Cruz Island, Channel Islands National Park Power, Paula; Roberts, James R.; Cowan, Clark; Rudolph, Rocky
Desire, disappointment, surprises, and food webs: melding conservation and ecological perspectives to better understand animal-invasive plant interactions Klinger, Rob
Ecological correlates of fountain grass (Pennisetum setaceum) in California coastal sage scrub Sweet, Lynn; Holt, Jodie S.
Effects of an exotic herbaceous perennial, Cynara cardunculus, on small mammals and songbirds DeSimone, Sandra A.; Gibson, Scott E.
Effects of Sahara Mustard, Brassica tournefortii, on the biodiversity of a desert landscape Murphy, Michelle; Barrows, Cameron W.
Euphorbia terracina: Why worry? Dorsey, Ann; Avina, Erin; Brigham, Christy
Exotic mustard effects on native tarweed insect communities Schreck, Tadj K.; Mooney, Kailen
Exotic plant invasion interrupts chaparral ecosystem resistance, resilience and succession Dickens, Sara Jo; Allen, Edith B; Santiao, Louis S; Crowley, David E
Herbicide control of velvet grass in Yosemite National Park Hutten, Martin; Jones, Laura; Dickman, Garret; Nelson, Caroline
Herbicide treatment of an invaded grassland following a prescribed fire Bell, Michael D.; Dickens, Sara Jo; Schneider, Heather; Palenscar, Kai; Sweet., Lynn
Herbicide treatment techniques of Vinca major growing with endangered Galium buxifolium, an island endemic Owen, Ken; McEachern, Kathryn
Hey, what are they doing over there? What we can learn from animal and pathogen prevention & control projects Randall, John M.
How will tamarisk biocontrol affect wildlife? Dudley, Tom; Kuehn, Mike; Ostoja, Steven; Bateman, Heather; Brooks, Matthew
Impacts of California’s invasive plant species on invertebrate fauna: A review Knapp, Denise
Invasive pine tree impacts on coastal scrub vegetation in the Marin Headlands Steers, Robert; Jen Jordan, Cartan; James, Hacker; Kaitlyn, 
Linking vegetation dynamics with physical processes to develop invasive plant control and riparian restoration strategies for a semi-arid river and its floodplain Diggory, Zooey; Orr, Bruce; Merrill, Amy; Coffman, Gretchen; Sears, William; Brand, Peter
Map the Spread! Cal-IPC’s statewide weed mapping for early detection and strategic management Morawitz, Dana
Origins of invasive French broom Kleist, Annabelle C.; Jasieniuk, Marie
Pacific Gas and Electric Company’s use of Safe Harbor agreements to enhance habitat for endangered species in the San Francisco Bay Area Dedon, Mark F.; Fry, Michael E.; Beesley, Peter M
Patch-level treatment monitoring: An Invasive Spartina Project end-game strategy Hogle, Ingrid
Pesticide Safety “Double Jeopardy” Chang, David
Pesticide Safety “Jeopardy” Chang, David
Post-fire Recovery Plan for Solstice Canyon in Malibu, CA Avina, Erin; Dorsey, Ann; Brigham., Christy
Predicting the spread of invasive plants in the Sierra Nevada Powell, Cynthia; Brusati, Elizabeth; Schuetzenmeister, Falk
Prescribed burning controls barb goatgrass (Aegilops triuncialis L.) in Central Valley rangeland for up to five years Marty, Jaymee T.; Sweet, Sara; Buck, Jennifer J
Preventing invasion through mineral materials inspections Hutten, Martin
Prioritizing invasive plant eradication in the San Francisco Bay Area Perlmutter, Mike; Rossi, Aviva; Williams, Andrea; Gluesenkamp, Dan
Resident community species diversity and invader genetic diversity do not affect the establishment of an annual exotic grass McGray, Heather G.; Suding, Katharine N.
Risk management and liability insurance in habitat restoration and weed control Heinrichs, Jeanette
Rules to follow for the use of aquatic herbicides in California Blankinship, Michael
Simulating avian weed spread and control strategies: a simulation model of Rhamnus alaternus on Rangitoto Island, New Zealand Moverley, David
Solar tents demonstrated to be effective in several California climatic areas for inactivating plant propagative material Stapleton, James J.; Bell, Carl E.; Weathers, Kristin A.; McGiffen, Milton E.
Species composition changes, habitat effects and the role of livestock grazing in improving recovery potential for Ohlone tiger beetle in Santa Cruz County, California Gustafson, Joh; Hayes, Grey
Strategic planning for control of Arundo donax and restoration of riparian vegetation in semi-arid landscapes: a case study from the lower Santa Clara River, CA Orr, Bruce K.; Diggory, Zooey; Dudley, Tom
Targeted grazing for weed control and wildlife management Doran, Morgan
Testing efficacy of control methods of the invasive shrub Cytisus scoparius in forest habitat of the Pacific Northwest Haubensak, Karen A.; Parker, Ingrid M.; Grove, Sara; Kimitsuka, Stephanie; Foster, Jeffrey R.; Benson, Nancy F.
The Anacapa Challenge – Iceplant Free by 2016 Chaney, Sarah; Greene, Carolyn; Owen, Ken
The effects of climate change on the growth of Barbed Goatgrass (Aegilops triuncialis) in serpentine grasslands Morrison, Elise; Battaglia, Amy; Going, Barbara
The inspection process: What does the Agricultural Commissioner look for? Martel, Rudy
The Matilija Dam Ecosystem Restoration Project Reinoehl, Steven; Zaich, Craig
The spread and control of Dittrichia graveolens Marriott, Meg
There’s an app for that: Tracking weeds with mobile technology Brigham, Christy; Graham, Eric; Yuen, Eric
Trials of aminopyralid and a cut-and-dab method for Himalayan blackberry control Jones, Laura J.; Hutten, Martin
Understanding research on herbicide impacts: Toxicology resources for today’s habitat restoration worker Kegley, Susan; Green, Tom; Benbrook, Chuck; Benbrook, Karen; Jepson, Paul; Guzy, Michael; Mineau, Pierre
Variable responses of a California grassland to the reintroduction of tule elk Johnson, Brent
Weed Alerts 2010 DiTomaso, Joseph
Weeds and wildlife, impacts and interactions: A case study from Santa Cruz Island, California Morrison, Scott
Wildlife protection during habitat restoration and weed control Lohmus, Natasha

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