2008 Cal-IPC SymposiumThe Future of Invasive Plant Prevention and Management

California State University, Chico, CA

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2008 Presentations

A four-step approach to Himalayan blackberry (Rubus discolor) removal (8.7 MB). Rogner, Michael
A new agenda for managing invasive species in California estuaries (1.8 MB). Grosholz, Edwin; Williams, Susan
An assessment of control methods for cape ivy in Central California coastal riparian ecosystems. Stern, Jennifer; Watson, Fred
Application of feral animal eradication techniques to invasive plants: Early detection and rapid response (2.1 MB). Knapp, John; Cory, Coleen; Walker, Kelvin
Assessing research needs for invasive plants in California (3.3 MB). Robison, Mona
Assessing risks of herbicidal vegetation management in a sensitive watershed (5.1 MB). Conlisk, Erin; Kegley, Susan
Careers in wildland weed research and management Christofferson, Chris
Ecological remote sensing of invasion by perennial pepperweed (7.2 MB). Andrew, Margaret E.; Ustin, Susan L.
Effects of nitrogen deposition on vegetation-type conversion in Riversidean sage scrub (1 MB). Allen, Edith B.
Ensuring successful weed control: Planning and monitoring Hubbard, Susan
Exotic control and habitat enhancement in Southern Californian native grasslands at an Audubon California preserve (2.1 MB). DeSimone, Sandy
Follow the weeds: Assessing the risk of future spread (3.0 MB). Brusati, Elizabeth
Future research needs for invasive plants Robison, Mona
Goats defeat blackberries: Riparian habitat restoration following invasive plant removal at Vino Farms, Inc., Lodi, California (1.4 MB). Stevenson, Chris; Griggs, Tom; Robbins, Chris
Herbicide registration, reregistration and use tracking: Tools to help make herbicide use safe and effective (350 KB). Webster, Denise
History of herbicide use and development of herbicide resistance (1.5 MB). Steinmaus, Scott
Hybridization between invasive and native blackberries (Rubus) in California. Clark, Lindsay; Jasieniuk, Marie
Interactive effects of population genetic diversity and resident community composition on the success of an annual exotic invasive species. McGray, Heather; Lombardo, Marlyse; Suding, Katharine N.
Invasion potential of Chinese tallow (Triadica sebifera) in California (3.7 MB). Bower, Michael J.; Aslan, Clare E.
Learning to live with invasives we cannot control (5.4 MB). Randall, John
Monitoring a declining, hybridizing weed (7.5 MB). Hogle, Ingrid
Native Californian use of fire in weed management. (2.0 MB) Hankins, Don
Perennial pepperweed (Lepidium latifolium) control in tidal marsh of San Pablo Bay (1.9 MB). Block, Giselle; Hogle, Ingrid; Spenst, Renee
PRESCRIBE: DPR’s online database application for protection of endangered species Marovich, Rich
Prescribed fire and exotic plant effects on California grasslands (1.8 MB). Dickens, S.J.M.; Allen, E.B.; Santiago, L.S.
Prioritizing California’s A-rated weed populations for eradication (1 MB). Skurka Darin, Gina M.; Schoenig, Steve
Removing exotic annual grasses in coastal dunes: Effects on native solitary ground-nesting bees (4 MB). Tatum, Ellen
Results from the use of a novel method, HydroMechanical Obliteration, at the Golden Gate National Recreation Area in West Marin. Alvarez, Maria; Colson, Cameron; Morales, Maria; Ponzini, Liz; Segal, Aliza; Cusser, Sarah
Soil biota facilitate invasion within microhabitats in a California coastal prairie. Emam, Taraneh; Pavlik, Bruce; Alpert, Peter
Steal this Protocol: The invasive plant species early detection protocol for the San Francisco Bay Area Network of National Parks (1.9 MB). Williams, Andrea; Jordan, Jennifer; Speith, Elizabeth
Stop-the-spread of yellow starthistle into the Sierra Nevada mountain range: Early detection and eradication on a regional scale (2.5 MB). West, Wendy
The five stages of grief: Invasive plants and the horticulture industry (2.4 MB). Reichard, Sarah
The impact of the herbicides imazapyr and triclopyr triethylamine on larval bullfrogs (2.0 MB). Trumbo, Joel
The role of resource heterogeneity on native plant response to invasive plant removal (3.4 MB). Steers, Robert; Allen, Edith
Upland invaders DiTomaso, Joe
Using airborne remote sensing to map sweet fennel on Santa Cruz Island (5.2). Dahlin, Kyla; Asner, Greg; Field, Chris; Shaw, Rebecca
Warmer and weedier? Outlook for invasive plants in a changing world (2 MB). Dukes, Jeffrey S.
Weed control Q&A: Aquatic weeds Maly, Florence
Weed control: Brooms and other woody invasives Klein, Janet
Weed control: Riparian weeds Newhouser, Mark
Weed management contractors: Future markets and needs Heath, Mark

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