2006 Cal-IPC SymposiumResearch and Management: Bridging the Gap

Sonoma DoubleTree Hotel Rohnert Park, CA

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2006 Presentations

A biological basis of plant invasions: Can seedling relative growth rate predict invasive woody species? Grotkopp, Eva; Galimba, Kelsey; Holguin, Andrew; Thompson, Jordan; Bower, Michael; Ogden, Jennifer Erskine; Rejmönek, Marcel
A new spurge could become the scourge of the West: Using research to inform management of terracina spurge in Southern California Brigham, Christy
California’s Noxious Weed rating system explained Albrecht, Courtney
Control of Phalaris aquatica on lowland coastal terrace prairie in Richmond, CA Stafford, Monica; Farrell, Sharon; Beyer, Claire
Determining the best management technique for Italian thistle Stanton, Edward; Maher, Eliza
Developing a handbook summarizing the use of livestock as a tool in noxious weed management programs in the western United States Davison, Jason; Smith, Ed; Wilson, Linda
Does horse manure harbor invasive plants? Quinn, Lauren; Davis, Bonnie; Kolipinski, Mietek; Ghosh, Sibdas
Ecological approaches for weed management Holt, Jodie S.
Economic impacts of yellow starthistle on California ranchers Eagle, Alison J.; Eiswerth, Mark E.; Johnson, Wayne S.; Schoenig, Steve E.; Cornelis van Kooten, G.
Factors that control non-native plant species within shaded fuelbreaks at Whiskeytown National Recreation Area Gibson, Jennifer; Bunn, Windy
Field-testing an invasive plant species early detection protocol in the San Francisco Area Network of National Parks Williams, Andrea; Speith, Elizabeth
Fifteen years later: What were we looking for and what did we get? Kelly, Mike
Hydrilla eradication efforts in the Chowchilla River and Eastman Reservoir in Central California: A success story Maly, Florence C.
Identifying research priorities and implementing science-based management Parks, Catherine G.
Incorporating weighted hierarchical criteria and uncertainty into invasive plant prioritization schemes: A case study from the National Park Service Klamath Network Klinger, Rob; Brooks, Matt; Randall, John
Integrated management strategies for perennial pepperweed Wilson, Rob; DiTomaso, Joseph; Boelk, Debra; Kyser, Guy
Invasive plant monitoring using volunteers: A nationwide effort Block, Giselle; Hogle, Ingrid; Spenst, Renee; Leininger, Samuel
Invasive species removal in an urban environment: Pitfalls and lessons learned DiGirolamo, Lisa
Is glyphosate a good choice for perennial pepperweed (Lepidium latifolium) control in tidal wetlands in the San Francisco Estuary? Spenst, Renee; Foin, T.C.
Layering: A ‘new’ mode of spread in Arundo donax Boland, John
Making CEQA work for you O'Malley, (David Chang for) Rachel
Measuring performance of invasive plant management efforts Holloran, Pete
Molecular evidence supporting the horticultural origin of invasive jubata grass (Cortaderia jubata) Okada, Miki; Lyle, Mark; Jasieniuk, Marie
New pesticide use regulations: What do they mean for us? McArthur, Bruce
No weed left behind: A GPS method for conducting a complete weed inventory Hutchinson, Rachel A.; Hogle, Ingrid B.; Viers, Joshua H.
Potential for augmentation biological control of Arundo donax Lambert, Adam; Dudley, Tom
Pseudo-replication, no replication, and a complete lack of control: In praise of dirty data for weed managers Klein, Janet
Research: Applying what works for you Farrell, Sharon
Response of the endangered San Diego ambrosia (Ambrosia pumila) to removal of competition from non-native plants Maher, Eliza; Stanton, Edward
Restoration of desert wetlands dominated by tamarisk and pampas grass Marchant, Tito; Hobbs, Robert; Hill, Annie; Simonsen-Marchant, Julie
Restoration of retired San Joaquin Valley farmlands using herbicides and activated charcoal Lair, Kenneth; Ritter, Nur; Howard, Adrian
Self-fertilizing cordgrass hybrids (Spartina alterniflora x S. foliosa) drive local invasion of San Francisco Bay tidal flats Sloop, Christina M.; Ayres, Debra R.; Strong, Donald R.
Spartina control in the San Francisco Estuary: Progress toward estuary-wide control and eradication Grijalva, Erik
Successful non-chemical management of spotted knapweed through partnership Knight, Marla; Orloff, Steve
Tall whitetop control on the 102 Ranch and implications for other applications Etra, Julie
Team Arundo del Norte’s arundo eradication and coordination program, a regional approach: Uniting weed management and research through interlinking adaptive management feedback loops Newhouser, Mark; Spencer, David; Unger, Ron; DiPietro, Deanne
Testing methods of weed management in the restoration of Riverside County old fields Marushia, Robin G.; Allen, Edith
Testing the effects of flaming as a method of medusahead (Taeniatherum caput-medusae) control on the Plumas National Forest Coppoletta, Michelle
The cost and effectiveness of small-scale fennel control methods Gwinn, Abigail
The effect of native forb abundance on invasion resistance in California grasslands Hulvey, Kris; Zavaleta, Erika
The invasion of Eupatorium odoratum in secondary tropical monsoon forest in the watershed of Bian-Kumbe in Merauke, Papua Indonesia Djohan, Tjut Sugandawaty
The need for increased cooperation and coordination in yellow starthistle invasion management in Sierra Nevada foothill rangelands Aslan, Clare; Hufford, Matthew; Niell, Rebecca; Port, Jeffrey; Sexton, Jason; Waring, Tim
The proliferation of Arundo donax in Arroyo Las Posas Huber, Anna-Maria
Two years of Ludwigia control in the Laguna de Santa Rosa process and progress McNabb, Thomas J.; Meisler, Julian
Upper Santa Clara River arundo/ tamarisk removal plan Cabanting, Noreen
Using large-scale research to inform rangeland management decisions Marty, Jaymee
Utilizing differential quantitative mapping technologies and traditional botanical knowledge to assist Brazilian waterweed management in the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta: An example from Frank_s Tract Ruch, Scott; Shanayda, Kurt; California Dept. of Boating and Waterways Aquatic Weed Unit, 
Ventura River arundo removal demonstration project Kanthack, Dennis; Rose, Peggy
Water, salt, and pepper: Lepidium latifolium invasion potential along a salinity and moisture gradient Leininger, Samuel; Foin, T.C.

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