2005 Cal-IPC SymposiumPrevention Reinvention: Protocols, Information, and Partnerships to Stop the Spread of Invasive Plants

Chico State University Chico, CA

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2005 Presentations

2004 Invasive Spartina Project monitoring program Zaremba, Katy
2005 Cal-IPC weed alerts, new invasions, recent expansions, and a few others to be on the look-out forÄ DiTomaso, Joseph M.
6000 volunteer detection partners: The problem, possibilities, and potential Case, Bob
A test of repeat flaming as a control for poison hemlock (Conium maculatum), Cape ivy (Delairea odorata), and periwinkle (Vinca major) Bossard, Carla C.; Moore, Ken; Chabre, Cammy; Woolfolk, Andrea; King, Jorden; Johanek, Dana
Aminopyralid: A new reduced risk active ingredient for control of broadleaf invasive and noxious weeds Carrithers, Vanelle; Miller, Beau; Burch, Pat; Kline, Bill; Masters, Bob; Nelson, Jeff; Halstvedt, Mary; Troth, John; Breuninger, Jamie
An assessment of the hazard of a mixture of the herbicide Rodeo and the non-ionic surfactant R-11 to aquatic invertebrates and larval amphibians Trumbo, Joel
Analysis of clonal diversity in giant reed (Arundo donax L.) using molecular markers Ahmad, Riaz; Liow, Ivy; Spencer, David F.; Jasieniuk, Marie
Are we creating the ideal conditions for Arundo donax invasion in California? Coffman, Gretchen C.; Dudley, Tom; Rundel, Phil W.; Ambrose, Richard F.
Balancing act: Managing non-native plants of historic landscapes within the natural landscapes of Channel Islands National Park Chaney, Sarah
Balancing pest management needs and water quality Klassen, Parry
Beyond the Plantae: Commonalities in combating Phytophthora ramorum, cause of Sudden Oak Death, and other plant diseases Alexander, Janice
Biodiversity risks from atmospheric nitrogen deposition in California Weiss, Stuart B.
Blurring edges: A test of weed control methods used along edges of sage scrub patches to encourage shrub colonization into abandoned agricultural fields Maher, Eliza; Stanton, Edward
California’s new NPDES permit for aquatic herbicide use Blankinship, Michael
Cape ivy removal at Golden Gate National Recreation Area and Point Reyes National Seashore Baxter, Tanya; Bromberg, Jim
Communicating the need for prevention Asher, Jerry
Comparison of removal methods for Spartina densiflora in Humboldt Bay Tatum, Ellen R.; Clifford, Patti; Pickart, Andrea J.; Craig, Andr_a
Control of invasive plants through biological mitigation for transportation projects April, Bruce
Control of Scotch broom (Cytisus scoparius) Oneto, Scott; DiTomaso, Joseph M.; Kyser, Guy B.
Control of water primrose (Ludwigia hexapetala) in a freshwater wetland Meisler, Julian A.
Controlling European beachgrass (Ammophila arenaria) using prescribed burns and herbicide Hyland, Tim; Holloran, Pete
Correlation between weed control techniques, cost and habitat restoration success: Two case studies Ryan, Dan; Vona, Andrea
Designing invasive plant early detection and rapid response networks Gluesenkamp, Daniel
Developing predictive models of invasive plants Underwood, Emma; Quinn, Jim
Dry Creek Watershed red sesbania control project – Initial successes and challenges May, Loran; Lucas, Shannon; Evans, Eric; Buck, Peter
Early detection & rapid response: a western regional approach? Lane, Eric
Early detection protocol development in the National Parks: Integrating all the pieces Welch, Bradley A.; Sarr, Daniel; Latham, Penelope
Ecosystem protection through watershed-level prioritization on Catalina Island Knapp, Denise A.; Knapp, John J.
Education/outreach working group West, Wendy; Gluesenkamp, Dan; Chang, David
Effect of fertilizer additions on yellow starthistle insect biological control agents Spencer, D. F.; Pitcairn, M. J.; Carruthers, R. I.; Enloe, S. F.; Liow, P. S.; Chan, W. K.; Donovan, M. J.; Ksander, G. G.
Effects of single pass flaming on previously brush-cut Genista monspessulana Klein, Janet; Fiala, Shannon
Efficacy and safety of new herbicides on the horizon DiTomaso, Joseph M.
Evaluation of non-chemical control strategies for common aquatic weeds in California Blankinship, Michael
Experimental herbaceous restoration and noxious weed mitigation at the California Department of Fish and Game_s Butler Slough Ecological Reserve, Eastern Tehama County Pushnik, Jim; Hunt, John W.; Brown, Matt; Boul, Rachelle; Koenig, David
Horticulture/landscaping alternatives working group Newhouser, Mark; Symonds, Kate; Brigham, Christy
Identification of cultivated pampas grass (Cortaderia selloana) escaping ornamental plantings Okada, Miki; Ahmad, Riaz; Jasieniuk, Marie A.
Incorporating applied research into an ongoing watershed-based, programmatic approach to Arundo donax removal Gaffney, Karen; Hunter, Rich
Invasive annual grasses in a coastal dune ecosystem Clifford, Patti; Pickart, Andrea J.; Tatum, Ellen; Wear, Kyle
Invasive plant control at California State Parks in the northern Sacramento Valley Dempsey, Jim; Elliott, Woody
Invasive Plant Inventory (–weed list”) working group DiTomaso, Joe; Stanton, Alison; Brusati, Elizabeth
Invasive plants of western United States: Identification and control CD-ROM Evans, Christopher W.; Bargeron, Charles T.; Moorhead, David J.; Douce, G. Keith; Reardon, Richard C.
Large scale pampas grass control program Powers, Jeff
Management of domestic olives on Santa Cruz Island in the Channel Islands National Park: Preventing development of an olive-dominated chaparral Roberts, James R.; Chaney, Sarah; Fossum, Ann
Mapping working group Schoenig, Steve; DiPietro, Deanne; Hall, Jon
Montana weed prevention areas: Partnerships for rangeland protection Goodwin, Kim
Nostradamus, Palantirs, and the pros and cons of predictive modelling for invasive species management Klinger, Rob
Noxious weed early detection & rapid response: California’s been there and is doing just that Pfeiffer, Mary
Noxious weed management on National Forests in California: Regulations, tools and tactics Christofferson, Chris L.
Perennial pepperweed control experiment at the Cosumnes River Preserve Hogle, Ingrid B.; Waegell, Rebecca
Perspectives of nursery professionals on invasive plants and the St. Louis voluntary codes of conduct Burt, Jennifer W.; Muir, Adrianna; Piovia-Scott, Jonah; Veblen, Kari
Phenology of Brassica tournefortii in comparison to B. nigra, B. geniculata, and native Mojave Desert annuals Marushia, Robin; Holt, Jodie
Phragmites australis in the Humboldt Bay region: Biology of an invasive species and opportunities for treatment Gedik, Tamara L.
Preventing weed spread via contaminated hay and straw Clines, Joanna
Prevention of weed spread on site-disturbing projects: Working with landowners, contractors, and local agencies West, Wendy
Proceedings California Invasive Plant Council Symposium Volume 9: 2005 Cal-IPC, 
Protecting public lands: Progress in incorporating prevention practices into agency policy Demetry, Athena; Johnson, Brent
Regulatory concerns with herbicide use in invasive plant projects Price, Richard
Reinventing the language of invasion biology Larson, Brendon M. H.
Resource kit for management of non-native plants in National Parks Alas, Monika; Martinez, Alma; Williams, Desaree; McFadden, Ian; Davis, Bonnie; Kolipinski, Mietek; Ghosh, Sibdas
Role of large herbivores in spreading non-native invasive plants into natural areas Vianney, John Mary; Hassler, Kevin; Thorng, Seiha; McFadden, Ian; Davis, Bonnie; Ghosh, Sibdas; Kolipinski, Mietek
Status of new agents for biological control of yellow starthistle and Russian thistle Smith, Lincoln; Cristofaro, Massimo; Dolgovskaya, Rita Yu.; Tronci, Carlo; Hayat, R™stem
Suppressing exotic weeds on restoration projects using an aggressive herbaceous understory Sperber, Tamara; Griggs, F.T.
The fennel battle on MCB Camp Pendleton: Partnerships and techniques in combating the invasion Easley, Todd; Bieber, Deborah; Bell, Carl; Tomsovic, Pete
The power of partnerships: Weed program management with a limited budget Knight, Marla; Yost, Anne
Tracking weed population dynamics using geodatabase technology Hogle, Ingrid B.; Viers, Joshua H.
Trees and shrubs discussion group Heath, Mark; Moore, Ken; Unger, Petra
Tumbleweeds of California – Who, what, where, and how? Ayres, Debra; Ryan, Fred; Hrusa, Fred; Akers, Pat
Weed mapping in California – Where are we? Schoenig, Steve
Which weed to whack?:The Cal-IPC invasive plant inventory Johnson, Doug; Brusati, Elizabeth

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