2004 Cal-IPC SymposiumInvasive Plants and the Wildand/Urban Interface

Ventura Beach Resort Ventura, CA

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2004 Presentations

2003 Invasive Spartina Project Monitoring Program Zaremba, K.; McGowan, M.; Ayres, D.R.
2004 Cal-IPC Red Alert! New invasions, recent expansions, and a few others to be on the look-out for…. DiTomaso, Joseph M.
A comparison of flora in San Francisco’s fragmented natural areas Campbell, Christopher
A tale of two invaders: The dynamic history of pampas grass and jubata grass in California Lambrinos, John G.
Addressing community concerns: Los Angeles County WMA’s best management practices for vegetation management Lehman, Dean
Approaches to assessment of cumulative economic impact of invasive plants Athan, Tara
Aquatic working group Anderson, Lars; Zaremba, Katy; Owen, Julie; Crosson, Holly
Are exotic species shrinking serpentine refugia for native plants? The case of a rare annual jewelflower in Santa Clara County, CA Green, Allison R.
Behavioral responses of birds to invasive spartina in San Francisco Bay salt marshes Nordby, J. Cully; Cohen, Andrew N.; Beissinger, Steven R.
Benefits versus fire risk of native and invasive vegetation in the wildland-urban interface Dicus, Christopher A.
California’s fading wildflower legacy Minnich, Richard A.
Control of hedge parsley (Torilis arvensis) Oneto, Scott; DiTomaso, Joseph M.; Kyser, Guy B.
Control of tree tobacco (Nicotiana glauca) Oneto, Scott; DiTomaso, Joseph M.; Kyser, Guy B.; Garcia, Sergio; Hale, Sarah
Creeping water primrose (Ludwigia hexapetala): The ecology and impacts of an invasive aquatic plant in the Laguna de Santa Rosa Verdone, Lily
CRISISCat – An online invasive species information clearinghouse for California Hollander, Allan D.
Critical habitats working group Zaremba, Katy; Heath, Mark
Distribution of perennial pepperweed in Bay-Delta wetlands: a CalFed mapping project Rogers, Chris
Dunes working group Rodgers, Jane; Cooper, Kim
Effective invasive control programs in California’s coastal watersheds Bane, Karen C.
Effects of environment on establishment of Arundo donax in three southern California riparian areas Quinn, Lauren; Holt, Jodie S.
Encouraging conservation on private lands through permit coordination Gerel, Mike
English ivy removal at Redwood National and State Parks Williams, Andrea
Environmental/social issues working group Chang, David; Brastow, Peter
Eradication in California and abroad: Explaining success and failure Holloran, Pete
Fire management impacts on invasive species at the wildland/urban interface in California Keeley, Jon E.
Fire working group Clines, Joanna; DiTomaso, Joe; Goode, Suzanne
Flaming: A new tool for wildland weed control Moore, Ken
Floodplain invasion: Tracking pepperweed expansion in the Cosumnes River Hogle, I.H.; Viers, J.H.; Quinn, J.F.; Schwartz, M.W.
Forbs working group Pirosko, Carri; Schoenig, Steve
Funding invasive plant projects through the farm bill Warner, John
Grasses working group Clines, Joanna; DiTomaso, Joe; Meyer, Tanya
Habitat fragmentation in California: Current extent, rate of edge generation, and a look at our likely future Scott, Thomas
Herbicide toxicology and signal words Krieger, Robert
Highway corridors: Crossing political boundaries Harper-Lore, Bonnie L.
Identifying origins and tracing spread of pampasgrass and jubatagrass in California by microsatellite markers Okada, Miki; Ahmad, Riaz; Jasieniuk, Marie
Impacts of mowing and bud destruction on yellow starthistle root dynamics and flowering Spencer, D. F.; Enloe, S. F.; Liow, I.; Chan, V.; Donovan, M.; Healy, E.; Pitcairn, M.
Implications of global change for exotic and native species in California grasslands Harpole, W. Stanley; Seabloom, Eric
Integrating ecological, social, and economic perspectives on the spread of invasive species Melbourne, Brett; Hollander, Allan; Norgaard, Kari; Schoenig, Steve; Thomson, Diane; Veloz, Sam
Invasion dynamics of perennial pepperweed along the salinity gradient Spenst, R.O.; Foin, T.C.; Miles, A.K.
Invasion of Arundo donax in riparian ecosystems of Mediterranean-type climates: Causes, impacts and management strategies Coffman, G.C.
Invasive hybrid cordgrass (Spartina alterniflora x S. foliosa) recruitment dynamics in open mudflats of San Francisco Bay Sloop, Christina M.; Ayres, Debra R.; Strong, Donald R.
Managing remnants of natural habitat in an urban sea Goode, Suzanne
Mapping working group Schoenig, Steve; DiPietro, Deanne; Newhouser, Mark
Nurseries working group Robison, Mona; Richardson, Bree
Out of the frying pan: Invasion of exotic perennial grasses in coastal prairies Corbin, Jeffrey D.; Thomsen, Meredith; Alexander, Janice; D_Antonio, Carla M.
Partnering to prevent invasions of plants of horticultural origin Connick, Sarah; Gerel, Mike
Reducing the introduction and distribution of non-native aquatic invasive species through outreach and education (RIDNIS Project) Crosson, Holly A.; Grosholz, Edwin D.
Regulations we use as tools to deal with invasive plants Albrecht, Courtney
Reproductive biology of cape ivy (Delairea odorata) in California Robison, Ramona
Riparian working group Giessow, Jason; Newhowser, Mark
Roadsides working group Harper-Lore, Bonnie; West, Wendy
State and federal legislation funding initiatives West, Wendy
The effect of soil salinity and flooding on the growth Carpobrotus edulis (L.) N.B. Br.: Implications for its spread into the Ballona Wetlands Drennan, Philippa M.; Zakrzewski, Leanne
The new “JK Injection Tool” for control of knotweeds and other hollow-stem plants growing in sensitive wetland sites Crockett, Ron P.; Krebsbach, Michael L.
The riparian weed management program at Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton: Past, present, and future Fitch, Meghan Trainor; Bieber, Deborah
The role of pre-fire fuel manipulations in the invasion of alien plants Merriam, K.E.; Keeley, J.E.; Beyers, J.L.
The use of heavy machinery (excavators) to remove Ammophila arenaria (European beachgrass) from native sand dunes at Point Reyes National Seashore Peterson, Ben
Tools in the toolbox: Community based stewardship in the management of invasive weeds Norgaard, Kari Marie
Towards eradication of Lepidium latifolium at Paramount Ranch: Control methods and a test of restoration treatments Brigham, Christy
Trees and shrubs working group Heath, M.; Grove, S.
Using a computer-based diagnostics program for the identification of weedy grasses DiTomaso, Joseph M.
Volunteer exotic removal efforts and success at Egdewood County Park and Preserve, San Mateo County, California Heiple, Paul; Himes, Ken
Water gardening: Pathway to paradise or plant invasion? Crosson, Holly A.
Weeds in wildland/urban interface fuelbreaks: Challenges and opportunities Klein, Janet
Weeds/watersheds/words Woolam, Susan J.
Who cares about weeds? Thoughts about sustaining Cal-IPC’s relevance in a changing world Gardner, Sue
Why you may need a licensed pest control advisor Pattison, David

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