2003 Cal-IPC SymposiumPlanning Weed Management for Ecosystem Recovery

North Tahoe Conference Center Kings Beach, CA

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2003 Presentations

2003 Cal-IPC red alert! New invasions, recent expansions, and a few others to be on the look-out For…. Tu, Mandy; Randall, John M.
A decade of dune restoration at the Lanphere Dunes Pickart, Andrea
A watershed approach to Arundo donax removal and riparian restoration Gaffney, Karen
Advocacy: Reaching policy makers West, Wendy; Bellis, Lori
Alternatives to chemical stump treatment of Acacia dealbeta Horowitz, Matt
An overview of environmental compliance and permitting Unger, Petra
Annual grasses: Status of biology and control Antonio, Carla D_; Gerlach, John
Aquatic weeds: Policy, prevention, and control Anderson, Lars
Arundo eradication and coordination program Newhouser, Mark
Atmospheric CO2 influences on recovery potential Arnone III, Jay A.
Biocontrols: Progress and ongoing needs Carruthers, Ray; Buettner, Joel
Biological control as a tool for ecosystem management Headrick, David
BLM’s integrated weed management program at Fort Ord, Monterey, California Delgado, Bruce
Challenges of restoring native habitat in a Spartina alterniflora hybrid invaded ecosystem Zaremba, K.; Olofson, P.R.; Grijalva, E.K.
Community responses to spotted knapweed: A sociological view Norgaard, Kari Marie
Control of Ageratina adenophora in the Marin Headlands, Golden Gate National Recreation Area Alvarez, Maria; Ponzini, Liz
Controlling weeds with weeds: Disturbance, succession, yellow lupines and their role in the successful restoration of a native dune community Slattery, Peter N.; Uschyk, Kristy L.; Burton, Robert K.
Creeping water primrose (Ludwigia hexapetala) in the Laguna de Santa Rosa Verdone, Lily
Cultural resources in your restoration site Christenson, Lynne E.
Defining and evaluating recovery Chambers, Jeanne
Diffuse Knapweed (Centaurea diffusa) control on South Fork Mountain, Trinity County, California Paris, Randi B.; Erwin, Susan
Ecological and hydraulic effects of red sesbania (Sesbania punicea) invasion of riparian areas in California Platenkamp, Gerrit A. J.; Hunter, John C.
Efficient watershed and regional permitting and compliance strategies Unger, Ron
Experimental revegetation strategies and technologies for restoration of native shrub/grass communities on saltcedar (Tamarix spp.) infestation sites Lair, Kenneth D.; Wynn, Sarah L.
Fire regimes and potential for ecosystem recovery after plant invasions Brooks, Matthew L.; D'Antonio, Carla M.; Richardson, David M.; Grace, James B.; Keeley, Jon E.; DiTomaso, Joseph M.; Hobbs, Richard J.; Pellant, Mike; Pyke, David
Fire: Prescribed burning as a management tool DiTomaso, Joe
Getting the job done: Working within the regulatory environment at Lake Tahoe to manage weeds Donaldson, Susan; West, Wendy; Taylor, Kirk
Herbicide use, water quality, and regulatory considerations Churchill, Jason
How did we get the project going and how are we doing it? Assessing, planning, and prioritizing Wilson, Robert E.
How do I use my monitoring tools? Pyke, David A.
Imazapyr (Stalker or Chopper) herbicide: Effective and responsible use for the control of invasive plants Brenton, Robert K.
Integrating weed control and restoration on western rangelands Allcock, Kimberly
Invasibility of experimental riparian communities by Arundo donax Quinn, Lauren; Holt, Jodie
Invasion resistance to non-native annual grasses among California native grass Species in the Sacramento Valley Lulow, Megan E.
Invasive plant infestation assessment on Catalina Island: Determination of mapping sample size and accuracy Knapp, John J.
Killing olive (Olea europea) root sprouts with Imazapyr and Glyphosate Bell, Carl E.; Bell, Carole
Managed goat grazing: it works Bunten, Hugh; Bunten, Sarah
Managing stream flow regimes for riparian ecosystem restoration Stromberg, Julie; Lite, Sharon; Beauchamp, Vanessa
Mapping and inventorying invasive weeds in Orange County, California: Methods and applications for land managers Ervin, Melissa; Naegele, Jennifer; Smith, Trish
Mapping: Setting priorities and communicating scope Schoenig, Steve
Marin-Sonoma Weed Management Area: Putting the “we” in weed management Gluesenkamp, Daniel
Native grass seeding, nutrient and mulch effects on weedy species Hogan, Michael
Nitrogen deposition impacts on a nutrient-poor grassland ecosystem: Conservation, management and restoration Weiss, Stuart B.
Nurseries: Working with industry on invasive plants Stanton, Alison
Patterns of seedling establishment in artichoke thistle, Cynara cardunculus Marushia, Robin; Holt, Jodie S.
Perennial pepperweed: What works? Wilson, Rob
Planning for invasive plant control in the context of threatened and endangered species risks Ryan, Maria M.
Prediction of Cynara cardunculus seedling development using a degree-day approach White, Virginia A.; Holt, Jodie S.
Proceedings of the California Exotic Pest Plant Council Symposium: 2000-2002 CalEPPC, 
Proceedings of the California Invasive Plant Council Symposium: 2003 CalEPPC, 
Rapid evolution of invasive california poppies Leger, Elizabeth A.
Red Alert! New weeds to fear in CaliforniaÄ Accidentally omitted from the 2000 CalEPPC proceedings Tu, Mandy; Randall, John M.
Revegetation: When and how Lair, Ken; Ryan, Maria
Riparian invaders: A multi-species approach Dudly, Tom
Risk assessment: Using the new Cal-IPC weed listing criteria Warner, Peter; DiPietro, Deanne
Salmon River cooperative noxious weed program for 2003 Brucker, Peter
Seasonal activity and impacts of Arundo donax Rauterkus, Michael; Holt, Jodie
Spatial analysis of perennial pepperweed infestation in a seasonal floodplain Hogle, Ingrid; Viers, Joshua H.; Quinn, James F.; Schwartz, Mark W.; Waegell, Becky; Kelle, Kaylene
Tall whitetop eradication and native plant community restoration Peters, Shannon; Etra, Julie; Wright, Karen
The abundance and distribution of non-native woody species in Sacramento Valley riparian zones Hunter, John C.; Sterling, John C.; Widdowson, William P.; Beedy, Edward C.; Stralberg, Diana; Nur, Nadav
The European Biological Control Laboratory: Contributing to successful management of invasive species in the U.S. Widmer, T.L.; Kirk, A.A.; P.C. Quimby, Jr.
The potential contribution of natural enemies from Mediterranean Europe to the management of the invasive weed Arundo donax (Graminae; Arundinae) in the U.S. Kirk, A.A.; Widmer, T.; Campobasso, G.; Carruthers, R. I.; Dudley, T.
The role of the Agricultural Commissioner Huntsinger, Josh
The use of remote sensing to assess biological control impact on saltcedar in Nevada Carruthers, R.; Anderson, G.; Knight, J.
Tilling shows promise for controlling Himalayan blackberry in Yosemite Valley (California) Ordã_ez, Lisa
Too much of a good thing: Restoration of native biodiversity following soil nitrogen enrichment Corbin, Jeffrey D.; D_Antonio, Carla M.
Volunteer efforts to educate and influence corporate America and local governments to stop selling and using pampasgrass (Cortaderia selloana) and other invasive non-native plants Martus, Carolyn; Schneider, Carrie; Giessow, Jesse
Volunteers: Engaging the public Donaldson, Sue

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