2001 Cal-IPC SymposiumAchievements and Challenges in Wildland Weed Management

Handlery Hotel & Resort, San Diego, California

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2001 Presentations

10 years of CalEPPC Kelly, Mike
Anonas spp. (fieldrest harrow): Rapid response to the first known U.S. infestation Little, Richard
California weed management areas Schoenig, Steve
Distributions of Arundo donax in coastal watersheds of southern California Neill, Bill; Giessow, Jason
Effects of increased CO2 and nitrogen deposition on desert invasive plants Smith, Stanley D.
Emergence and development of Cynara cardunculus: Developing seedling removal strategies for an invasive weed White, Virginia A.; Holt, Jodie S.
Evaluation of chipped Arundo biomass as mulch Lawson, Dawn M.; Smead, Harry
Experimental revegetation strategies and technologies for restoration of native shrub/grass on salt cedar infestation sites Lair, Kenneth D.; Wynn, Sarah L.
History and function of exotic pest plant councils Randall, John M.
How will a hotter, drier, and more variable climate affect invasives in the Mojave Desert? Esque, Todd
Integrated management of yellow starthistle and medusahead using prescribed burning and clopyralid DiTomaso, Joseph M.; Kyser, Guy B.; Orloff, Steve; Garcia, Sergio; Nader, Glenn; Smith, Richard
Interactive effects of roads, soils, and exposure on invasion of Calif. grasslands Gelbard, Jonathan L.; Harrison, Susan
Interrelationships between geomorphology, soils, and plant invasions McAuliffe, Joseph R.
Introduced Spartina in San Francisco Bay: 2000-2001 survey and findings Smith, Debra; Klohr, Shannon; Zaremba, Katy; Spellman, Maxene; Smith, Debra
Introduction and overview of invasive species in the southwest Brooks, Matt
Invasion into four plant communities by artichoke thistle, Cynara cardunculus White, Virginia A.; Holt, J.S.
Invasive plant species management in Arizona Northam, Francis E.
Invasive species in northern Mexico West, Patty
Invasive species, coming to America: New strategies for biological protection through prescreening, early warning, and rapid response Westbrooks, Randy G.
Killer algae, the rapid response to Caulerpa taxifolia, a case study in a multi-agency project Woodfield, Rachel
Large-scale integrated management of yellow starthistle (Centaurea solstitialis) at Fort Hunter Liggett, Monterey County, California Torrence, Jessica R.; DiTomaso, Joseph M.; Hazebrook, Art
Managing annual weeds in coastal sage scrub: What works? Cox, Robert; Allen, Edith B.
Managing endangered species to remove constraints against Invasive weed control Zembal, Dick
Multidisciplinary research needs for invasive plants in southwestern North America Brooks, Matt
New Mexico weed management areas Decker, Frannie
Planning Arundo donax removal: A review of methods for control and biomass removal Giessow, Jason; Giessow, Jesse
Purple loosestrife under siege in California Benefield, Carri B.; Butler, David
Regulatory issues in controlling invasive weeds Trumbo, Joel
Review of the impact of invasive weeds on two endangered plant species: Acanthomintha ilicifolia (San Diego thornmint) and Monardella linoides ssp. viminea (willowly monardella) Burrascano, Cindy
Role of environmental heterogeneity and climate variability in plant invasions: Insights from the fossil record Betancourt, Julio L.; Jackson, Stephen T.; Lyford, Mark E.; Norris, Jodi; Gray, Stephen T.
Role of the Santa Margarita and San Luis Rey Watersheds Weed Management Area in watershed based exotic plant control and restoration in northern San Diego County Mitchell, Judy; Giessow, Jason; Giessow, Jesse
San Francisco Peaks Weed Management Area Moser, Laura P.
Sierra Club volunteers eradicate Tamarix ramosissima (tamarisk, saltcedar) in sensitive habitats in Anza Borrego State Park Klassen, Larry
Southwest exotic plant information clearinghouse Thomas, Kathryn
Southwest vegetation management association Horsley, Jim
Tamarisk (Tamarix spp.) control and management at Anza-Borrego Desert State Park, California Martin, Scot; Jorgensen, Mark C.; Jorgensen, Paul D.; Dice, James C.; Jee, L. Louise; Shaari, David
Tamarix aphylla: An invasive threat in the desert southwest Barnes, Pamela; Powell, Elizabeth; Walker, Lawrence
Terrestrial fauna community composition of Arundo donax (Poaceae) root Masses Lovich, Robert E.; Ervin, Edward L.; Fisher, Robert N.
The impacts of a riparian invader, salt cedar (Tamarix ramosissima), on a stream food web Kennedy, Theodore
The invasive marine alga, Caulerpa taxifolia, in southern California Board, Southern California Caulerpa Action Team California Regional Water Quality Control
The Lassen County Special Weed Action Team (SWAT) Gibbs, Carolyn
The Nature Conservancy Hall, Jon
The noxious weed program in Nevada: Where it started and where it’s going Rafferty, Dawn
Volunteers pay money to remove invasive weeds Knapp, John
Watershed based eradication of Arundo donax (giant reed): from pulling together to mapping to treating to re-planting Giessow, Jason

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