2000 Cal-IPC SymposiumExotic Plants in the Landscape: Processes and Patterns

Sheraton Concord Hotel, Concord, California

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2000 Presentations

A survey in South Africa for insects with potential as biological control agents for cape ivy (Delairea Odorata Lemaire) Grobbelaar, E.; Balciunas, J.; Neser, O.C.; Neser, S.
A virtual toolbox for control of invasives in Fort Ord public lands Lienk, Laura Lee
Alameda – Contra Costa Weed Management Area Anonymous, 
Arundo donax eradication and coordination project: Coordinating eradication projects in the Bay-Delta region Newhouser, Mark
Assessing cape-ivy control in two California National Parks Hamingson, Ellen E.; Alvarez, Maria E.
Bear Creek watershed restoration program Thomsen, Craig D.
Biological control of yellow starthistle Smith, Lincoln
Control of barbed goatgrass using prescribed burning DiTomaso, Joseph M.; Merenlender, Adina; Hiese, Kerry
Cooperative weed management areas Drewitz, Jennifer; Schoenig, Steve
Cooperative yellow starthistle leading edge mapping project Yacoub, Rosie
Does sawdust addition reduce soil ammonium levels and promote native grass growth in competition with exotic grasses? Corbin, Jeffrey D.; D'Antonio, Carla M.
Ecological effects of exotic-altered fire regimes Knick, Steven T.
Factors affecting successful control of French and Scotch broom and restoration of native communities in coastal California grasslands Alexander, J.M.F.; D'Antonio, C.M.
Factors controlling the relative abundance of two thistle species: Evaluating non-exclusive hypotheses for success of an introduced invader Gluesenkamp, Daniel A.
Fire regimes changed by exotic plants Keeley, Jon E.
Hand control of Cortaderia in remote mountain sites Moore, Ken
Influence of environmental conditions on shoot emergence from Arundo donax rhizomes Spencer, D.F.; Ksander, G.G.
Invasive exotic plants in sagebrush ecosystems of the intermountain West Pyke, David
Jubatagrass vs pampasgrass: A growth analysis and comparison of invasive potential Tschohl, Alison
Killing weeds with computers Schoenig, Steve
Lassen County Special Weed Action Team Gibbs, Carolyn; Falkowski, Debbie
Mapping distribution and acreage of an exotic plant using orthocorrected imagery & field mapping to produce GIS coverages Giessow, Jason
Mayten: An outbreak averted? Leong, Ed
Nature of the invasive species Prosopis juliflora in Sri Lanka Seveneratne, Indrani
Non-native plant control on the watershed level: Role of the Santa Margarita and San Luis Rey Watersheds Weed Management Area Giessow, Jesse; Giessow, Jason; Mitchell, Judy
Nonnative plants in two biological communities in the Tirari Desert of South Australia Blaha, Steven; Owen, EIyn V.; Bossard, CarIa C.
Noxious Times newsletter California Department of Food and Agriculture, 
Pampasgrass control in Goleta Slough, California Chirman, Darlene
Postfire restoration strategies to minimize aliens Beyers, Jan L.
Preventing the purple plague from taking over California’s waterways Benefield, Carri
Purple starthistle seed germination Young, James A.; Clements, Charlie D.
Remote sensing for invasive species detection and mapping Ustin, Susan L.
Role of mycorrhizae in Centaurea invasions Marler, Marilyn J.; Callaway, Ragan M.
Seed biology and control of jubatagrass Drewitz, Jennifer J.; DiTomaso, Joseph M.
Soil consequences of Bromus tectorum invasion Belnap, Jayne
Team Arundo del Norte: Collaborative approach to exotic pest plant control DiPietro, Deanne
The California database Dennis, Ann; Morosco, Tony
The plant community effects of a burn and two herbicide sprays on a fennel infested grassland in the Central Valley of Santa Cruz Island, California Erskine, Jennifer
The presence of fennel affects the distribution of lizards on Santa Cruz Island Gibson, Jennifer K.
The use of fire to control exotic plants Pyke, David A.
The use of native yellow lupines for controlling ripgut brome and radish Uschyk, Kristy L.; Slattery, Peter
Using volunteers in regional mapping programs Romanowitz, Hal
War on weeds – invasive weed education and outreach program Briscoe, Emily; Anderson, Thor
Weed bio-informatics: Sharing weed data Quinn, Jim

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