1999 Cal-IPC Symposium

Sacramento, CA

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1999 Presentations

Alien Grasses in the Mojave and Sonoran Deserts Brooks, Matthew; Eesque, Todd C
Asexual reproduction in Arundo donax (giant reed) Holt, Jodie S.; Boose, Amanda B.
Cape Ivy (Delairea odorata) distribution in California and Oregon Robison, Ramona; Grotkopp, Eva; Yacoub, Rosie
Carbohydrate use of Arundo donax under light-limiting conditions Decruyenaere, Joseph G.; Holt, Jodie S.
Development and management of artichoke thistle, Cynara cardunculus White, Virginia A.; Holt, Jodie S.; Boose, Amanda B.
Giant cane (Arundo donax) control & herbicide/surfactant impacts to larval frogs & fish Trumbo, Joel
How landscape changes occurred in California Dyer, Andy
Instructions for collecting and submitting exotic plants for identification Dean, Ellen A.; Hrusa, G. Frederoc
Invasiveness of alien plants: Some aspects of the impact of scotch broom (Cytisus scoparius (L.) link) on Douglas-fir seedlings and its control Prasad, Raj; Naurais, Sonia
Mechanism(s) responsible for enhancing the effectiveness of glyphosate in controlling perennial pepperweed Renz, Mark J.; DiTomaso, Joseph M.
Noxious weed eradication program Mullin, Barbara
Prescribing burning and competitive reseeding as tools for reducing yellow starthistle (Centaurea solstitalis) at Pinnacles National Monument Martin, Eveline L.; Martin, Ian D.
Private and public funding opportunities: Sources of funding for weed management programs Benefield, Carrie B.
Proceedings California Exotic Pest Plant Council Symposium Cal-IPC, 
Protecting Relatively Uninfested Lands: Reducing Weed Spread Following Fire Asher, Jerry
Restoration of French broom-invaded habitat: Effects of prescribed burning, seed bank compostion, & time since invasion Alexander, Janice M.
The ecology of Parentucellia viscosa in dune wetlands Pickart, Andrea J.; Wear, Kyle S.
The economics of invasive species prevention Jetter, Karen M.
The role of molecular systematics & phylogeography in biological control Gaskin, John
The state of California’s noxious weed eradication programs O'Connell, Ross A.
There’s more to tumbleweed (Russian thistle) than meets the eye Ryan, Frederick J.; Ayres, Debra R.; Bell, Deanne E.
Thirty years of research on California_s Channel Islands: an overview and suggestions for the next 30 years Klinger, R.C.; VanVuren., D.
Weed management areas in California Schoenig, Steve
Weeding the wilderness: Non-native plant management at Point Reyes National Seashore Cooper, V. Kimberly; Moritsch, Barbara J.

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