1998 Cal-IPC SymposiumCal-EPPC Symposium

Ontario, California

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1998 Presentations

Accidents and herbicide spills: What should you do? Lemon, Martin D.
Biocontrol of Arundo Pitcairn, Mike
Biocontrol of Tamarisk Pitcairn, Mike
Campaign against invasive species: A call for action Brown, William Y.; Brown, A. Gordon
Chemical control Cudney, David W.
Control methods: Biological control Pitcairn, Michael J.; Woods, Dale M.
Distribution and effects of exotic species in tropical island environments in Sri Lanka Bossard, Carla C.
Environmental effects on asexual reproduction in Arundo donax, giant reed Holt, Jodie S.; Boose, Amanda S.
Eradication of exotic Spartina in San Francisco Bay Brownfield, Nancy
Exotic plant control to preserve and restore riparian areas in numerous national park units Deuser, Curt
Factors affecting alien annual plant abundance at a site in the western Mojave Desert: effects of human disturbance, microhabitat and rainfall Brooks, Matthew
Fire effects on first-year Scotch broom in Redwood National and state parks Roja, Diona; Popenoe, James
Handling herbicides safely: Protecting yourself, others, and the environment O'Connor-Marer, Patrick J.
Invasive exotics in California: A perspective from inland Southern California Sanders, Andrew C.
Licenses, certification and permits for herbicide applications Trumbo, Joel
Mapping and control of weeds in the American River Parkway Butler, Eva; Britting, Sue
Mechanical control methods: beyond weed bashing Archbald, G.
Nitrate immobilization and the mycorrhizal network for control of exotic ruderals St.John, Ted
Perspectives on disturbance, invasion, and management D'Antonio, Carla M.
Prescribed burning for control of yellow starthistle (Centaurea solstitialis) and enhanced native plant diversity DiTomaso, Joe; Kyser, Guy; Hastings, M.S.
Proceedings California Exotic Pest Plant Council Symposium – Volume 4: 1998 CalEPPC, 
Protecting volunteers and yourself: Issues of safety and liability Meyers, James M.; Steinke, William
Recent advances on the tamarisk front Neill, Bill
Reproductive biology of yellow starthistle (Centaurea solstitialis) maximizing late season control DiTomaso, Joseph M; Benefield, Carri; Kyser, Guy
Restoring habitats to prevent exotics Allen, Edith B
Saltcedar invasion in desert wetlands of the southwestern United States: ecological and political implications Lovich, J.E.; de Gouvenain, R.C.
SWAT: Special weed action teams as abassadors for education and energy Kelly, Mike
The CalWeed database Schoenig, Steve; Hoffman, Bonnie
The use of molecular systematics to enhance the biological control of an invasive plant complex (Tamarix or salt cedar) Gaskin, John
Volunteer “Weed Warriors” on Santa Catalina Island Starkey, Frank; Guitilla, Darcee

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