1997 Cal-IPC Symposium

Concord, CA

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1997 Presentations

Control of European beachgrass (Ammophila arenaria) on the west coast of the United States Pickart, Andres J.
Ecotypes of native species: How local is local in restoration plantings? Knapp, Eric E.; Rice, Kevin J.
Engaging inner-city youth in urban habitat restoration Grimm, Carl L.
Eucalyptus removal on Angel Island Boyd, David
Exotic plants in the Sonoran desert region, Arizona and Sonora Devender, Thomas R. Van; Frlger, Richard S.; M., Alberto Burquez
Fire on the mountain: A land manager’s manifesto for broom control Swezy, Michael; Odion, Dennis C.
Flood-borne noxious weeds: Impacts on riparian areas and wetlands Donaldson, Susan G.
Formation of “Team Arundo del Norte” in northern and central California Jones, Paul A.
Getting a weed biocontrol project started: Some successful grassroot efforts Balciunas, Joe
How the west was lost: Reconstructing the invasion dynamics of yellow star-thistle and other plant invaders of western rangelands and natural areas Gerlach, John D.
Hydrilla: A case study: The state of California’s noxious weed eradication programs O'Connell, Ross A.
Interagency cooperation for noxious weed control Knox, Anne
Management of cape-ivy (Delairea odorata) in the Golden Gate National Recreation Area Alvarez, Maria E.
Potentially allelopathic effects of poison hemlock (Conium maculatum) on native plant revegetation at Wilder Ranch State Park Hillman, Jannell M.
Risk analysis of various weed control methods DiTomaso, Joseph M.
Stewardship and resource education at the Presidio Farrell, Sharon
The California noxious weed projects database: A project of the California Interagency Noxious Weed Coordinating Committee Schoenig, Steve E.
The roadside view of a national weed strategy Harper-Lore, Bonnie L.
Using Arsenal for brushy species control Bell, Carl E.
Using Transline* herbicide to control invasive plants Carrithers, Vanelle F.
Volunteer programs in rural areas Miller, Linda
Weed alert! New invasive weeds in California Randall, John M.
Working effectively with paid crews Vittori, Lisa

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