1996 Cal-IPC SymposiumCalifornia Exotic Pest Plant Council Symposium

Handlery Hotel San Diego, California

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1996 Presentations

Australian national weeds strategy: What are the lessons? Humphries, Stella E.
Biological control of Buddleja davidii Kay, M.
Centaurea solstitialis and the water balance research Gerlach, John
Controlling Cynara cardunculus (artichoke thistle, cardoon, etc.) Kelly, Mile; Pepper, Alan
Ecological control of exotic plants Dixon, Robert M.; Carr, Ann B.
Exotics in the southern California vernal pool ecosystem Bauder, Ellen T.
Fire controls yellow starthistle (Centaurea solstitalis) in California grasslands Hastings, Marla S.; DiTomaso, Joseph M.
Group discussion: Toward a national weed strategy – what role can CAlEPPC play? Randall, John M.
Miconia calvescens on the island of Maui: Profile of an early containment attempt for a new plant pest Bily, Pat
Native and exotic species interactions in southern California salt marsh: Salicornia virginica and Polypogon monspeliensis Callaway, John; Zedler, Joyce
Post flood establishment of native woody species and Arundo donax Else, Jesse A.
Preliminary results from a Vinca major removal experiment Wright, Robert
Proceedings California Exotic Pest Plant Council Symposium – Volume 2:1996 Cal-IPC, 
Tamarisk control and common sense Barrows, Cameron W.
Teamwork kills Arundo in cost-effective manner Lawson, D.M.; Vartanian, V.; Else, L..A.
The effects of fire frequency and firebreaks on the abundance and species richness of exotic plant species in coastal sage scrub Giessow, Jason; Zedler, Paul
The search for patterns or what determines the increased competitive ability of invasive non-indigenous plants? Blossey, Bernd
The tumbleweed centennial in the Antelope Valley, California Bainbridge, David A.
What traits distinguish invasive plants from non-invasive plants? Reichard, Sarah Hayden
Why herbicides are selective Cudney, David W.
Wildlife as weeds Lovich, Jeff
Yellow starthistle control methods: Biological control Pitcairn, Michael
Yellow starthistle management with grazing, mowing, and competitive plantings Thomsen, Craig D.; Williams, William A.; Vayssieres, Marc P.
Yellow starthistle: Biology and life history DiTomaso, Joseph M.
Yellow starthistle: Chemical control DiTomaso, Joseph M.

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