1996 Cal-IPC SymposiumCalifornia Exotic Pest Plant Council Symposium

Handlery Hotel San Diego, California

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1996 Presentations

Australian national weeds strategy: What are the lessons? Humphries, Stella E.
Centaurea solstitialis and the water balance research Gerlach, John
Controlling Cynara cardunculus (artichoke thistle, cardoon, etc.) Kelly, Mile; Pepper, Alan
Ecological control of exotic plants Dixon, Robert M.; Carr, Ann B.
Exotics in the southern California vernal pool ecosystem Bauder, Ellen T.
Fire controls yellow starthistle (Centaurea solstitalis) in California grasslands Hastings, Marla S.; DiTomaso, Joseph M.
Group discussion: Toward a national weed strategy – what role can CAlEPPC play? Randall, John M.
Miconia calvescens on the island of Maui: Profile of an early containment attempt for a new plant pest Bily, Pat
Native and exotic species interactions in southern California salt marsh: Salicornia virginica and Polypogon monspeliensis Callaway, John; Zedler, Joyce
Post flood establishment of native woody species and Arundo donax Else, Jesse A.
Preliminary results from a Vinca major removal experiment Wright, Robert
Tamarisk control and common sense Barrows, Cameron W.
Teamwork kills Arundo in cost-effective manner Lawson, D.M.; Vartanian, V.; Else, L..A.
The effects of fire frequency and firebreaks on the abundance and species richness of exotic plant species in coastal sage scrub Giessow, Jason; Zedler, Paul
The search for patterns or what determines the increased competitive ability of invasive non-indigenous plants? Blossey, Bernd
The tumbleweed centennial in the Antelope Valley, California Bainbridge, David A.
What traits distinguish invasive plants from non-invasive plants? Reichard, Sarah Hayden
Why herbicides are selective Cudney, David W.
Wildlife as weeds Lovich, Jeff
Yellow starthistle control methods: Biological control Pitcairn, Michael
Yellow starthistle management with grazing, mowing, and competitive plantings Thomsen, Craig D.; Williams, William A.; Vayssieres, Marc P.
Yellow starthistle: Biology and life history DiTomaso, Joseph M.
Yellow starthistle: Chemical control DiTomaso, Joseph M.

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