Aquatic and Riparian Weeds of the West

by Joseph M. DiTomaso and Evelyn A. Healy
2003 by University of California
442 pages, color throughout, $40.00 (plus tax and shipping)

This reference manual combines stunning photography with complete information for weed identification and biology. Over 550 photos illustrate 170 species of submerged, floating leaf, and emergent aquatic weeds, including common riparian invaders such as Arundo donax, purple loosestrife, Harding grass, Spartina species, and Russian olive.

Each species description provides detailed information on the distribution, habitat, propagation, phenology, management considerations, and characteristics that allow distinguishing between similar or related species. In addition to the individual descriptions, the volume also contains:

  • shortcut identification tables for groups that share similar, unusual or relatively uncommon characteristics
  • keys to floating-leaved and submerged aquatic weeds, pondweeds, and grasses or grass-like species
    glossary of terms
  • bibliography of pertinent literature


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Dr. DiTomaso is a non-crop weed specialist at UC Davis, and heads the Weed Research and Information Center. He also serves on the Cal-IPC Board of Directors.

Evelyn Healy is an expert in ecology and plant systematics.